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When our home was handed over by the builder we had a certain idea of how it should look. We turned to Noor who suggested that we visit well-known international furnishing websites. We scoured quite a few and came up with suggestions for bedrooms, kitchen, dining, living area. Noor meticulously reviewed each of our ideas. He then came up with improvements and alternative furnishing ideas. We put our hands up and said to Noor “Your ideas are far superior and we like them. So go for it”. We trusted him enough to take charge of the entire interior décor – right from wall paint, to wall décor, to light fittings, curtains, bathroom fittings.

Prior to commencement of works Noor shared drawings and concepts, via email. Residing outside of India it gave us a broad picture of how things would turn out. We knew then we were onto something better then what we had visualized. Noor and his team set about furnishing the apartment (a merger of two apartments, in reality).

We visited 2 or 3 times when works were in full swing. Noor explained each and every detail what he was doing and why? In our book this is “listening to your customer”. All professionally done, and a satisfying experience.

What tuned out was far better than what we had imagined. Noor’s attention to detail was evident when he gave a tour of the finished ‘product’. We noticed the good quality of materials used Noor explained each and every item used in making the fitments, explaining why he used it instead of an ‘xyz’ make. It is now over 5 years and we see no deterioration and fading in the materials used, weathering all conditions and elements since we stay in the house for no more than 5 days each time we visit. Our children, extended family and friends have appreciated the designing and quality of work.

Thanks Noor for all your, and your team’s, intense work in delivering on time, as promised.

Rahima and Imtiaz Baqui

Muscat, Oman