Our Portfolio

Take a look at some sample work we have done in Bangalore

Param's Home

Param and his Wife wanted a decor that is modern in function and yet retains an authentic tradional look. Everything from the False Ceiling to the Ground Woodwork had to be well coordinated and presented.

Rahima and Imtiaz Baqui's Home

Imtiaz trusted Noor enough to take charge of the entire interior décor– right from wall paint, to wall décor, to light fittings, curtains, bathroom fittings. What tuned out was far better than what we had imagined.

Vinayaga's Home

Vinayaga wanted a simple brown and cream theme in the entire house and also wanted straight lines and coordinated colors. He needed stone cladding in the hall and pathways and the only place where additional colors were used was in the children room.